Thursday, March 31, 2005

always look on the bright side

last night i had a terrific evening with cerry and ethan, which included a delightful dinner at punch and judy on clinton street, a strange movie at the sunshine, and good conversation. we talked about the necessity of staying positive and the dangers of becoming bitter over failures, disappointments, etc.

bitterness as a state of mind and being can crush a soul, and make a person unpleasant to be around. being in the profession i've been in (and i'm not talking about grants and contracts here, people), i have had to negotiate a tremendous amount of disappointment and failure. it's been my great quest to keep the stank of bitterness off myself; i've seen it sour people i know, and once it's there, it's hard to shake (like the smell of cat pee or something). better to keep it away in the first place. also true of/in love. being a bitter gal, unable to take joy in other's people romantic successes is mean-spirited, kind of a bummer to be around, and certainly won't bring any more love your way.

so here's to looking on the bright side of things, because hell, it's there, i totally promise.

tomorrow i am LITERALLY heading to the bright side of things--los angeles. here's to fish tacos, avocados, smoothies, produce, and hopefully some kick-ass korean and thai food.

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