Tuesday, March 01, 2005

eating for a good cause

most of the time when i stuff my face i think: no good can come of this.

last night i was wrong!

my mom, ethan, alexia and i attended the CCAP benefit at pier 60. CCAP is a program started by rick grausman (jen's dad) which trains public school high school students for careers in the culinary arts. it is a terrific organization and i love going to their benefit every february. many big name chefs have tables there. you can rub shoulders with daniel boulud and watch marcus samuelsson work his magic. also you can see wylie dufresne's cool mutton chops, not to mention eat his food.

the highlights of last night's tasting were for me: the oyster shooter from blue hill. with fresh grated horseradish and edamame on top. also loved the foie gras creme brulee from, um, oh shoot! the amazing octopus salad with purple potatoes, eggplant and string beans was from olives i think. also i ate snails. and a lamb tamale (dos cominos) and short ribs (kitchen 22). and parsip soup (fleur de sel). and lamb chops. and key lime cheesecake. and brown sugar cake (craft). and some savory cream thing from fauchon. all topped off with a cappucino at the illy stand.

although you have missed the event this year, it is never too late to make a charitable donation to CCAP.

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