Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Between a beanbag chair and a warm embrace

What's the opposite of being between a rock and a hard place? I'm going with a beanbag chair and a warm embrace. That's how I feel these days. I am finishing up a job that has been a source of fulfillment, inspiration, stimulation, friends, food...

and heading over to one that has been and will continue to be a source of fulfillment, inspiration, get the idea. I've got a new job, that's what.

So I am working hard on a campaign I believe in--$5 Challenge-- and thinking ahead to FoodCorps and the road ahead.

In one week I wrote these two posts--they can give you a good sense of what cool stuff I get to work on, how lucky I've been....and how lucky I continue to be. To work on such important stuff and help tell the story of the incredible work that's being done out there to transform our broken food system.