Friday, March 11, 2005

i am the greatest writer who ever lived

being snarky, like eating candy, is something that feels good for a sec, but then you start to feel bad/sick. i was already snarky in one post this week, so it is with reservations that i tell you today about a completely snarky and thoroughly delightful blog about frank bruni's NYTimes food reviews.

check out

i read a lot of restaurant reviews, theatre reviews, and film reviews. sometimes (anthony lane, john lahr) i forgive the reviewer anything because his/her writing is so exquisite and hilarious. more often, though, the whole practice of reviewing seems like an elaborate form of ego massage on the part of the reviewer.

i'd like a film review that says merely: "hey, check this one out." or: "this one is kinda good." how about a restaurant review that says: "cool atmosphere, interesting food." i understand that it is good to have someone's opinion before you go plunk down $10.50 (movie), $45 (theatre) or $500 (masa), but i don't need a 6 paragraph rhapsody.

the bruni digest made me laugh out loud. definitely check it out.

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