Wednesday, March 02, 2005

the dessert that eats like a meal

last week i told you to keep overripe bananas in your freezer for banana bread. this week, i will enlighten you with a second use for them:


into your blender, toss one frozen banana cut in two and the peel cut off
one giantly heaping tablespoon of chunky all natural peanut butter
about a cup or two of chocolate soy milk
one scant tablespoon of vanilla frozen yogurt


enjoy sipping and/or with a spoon.

i often get home late, around 9 pm, not having eaten any dinner. this shake is perfect because it crams dinner and dessert into one quick meal.

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Lola said...

There once was a vegetarian cafe in Virginia (believe it or not) that had a smoothie called a Fusion which was similar but less dessert-y, more meal-y:

one-two bananas (cut or not, still works with a blender)
big ol' dollop of chunky all-natural peanut butter
vanilla soy or rice milk (about "this" much)
slightly less than a big ol' dollop of vanilla frozen yogurt
1/4 c of granola (sans raisins).
ice (optional, but i find it helps it go down more easily)

the granola (with the peanut butter) ads a nice texture, and the whole thing fills you up like a pot roast. one blender-full is something like four full meals.