Tuesday, March 29, 2005


ok, a food roundup of the past few days:

la palapa-- spent friday night at the bar at this mexican restaurant on 8th street and 1st ave. tasty, if weak, margaritas, excellent guacamole, delicious sweet plantains and corn/epazote quesadillas. after 6 drinks, it was like i had three, which incidentally, is too many for me. i staggered home. i love la palapa for the lively atmosphere and the authentic and delicious mexican food.

orange ricotta pancakes--after a tipoff from the home cooking board of chowhound, found martha stewart's orange ricotta pancake recipe. i highly recommend them. they are easy to make, and light and unusual. served them to lesley with syrup, orange slices and powdered sugar on top.

beef bourgignon-- dinner party at ethan and alexia's. haven't had a hearty stew like this in soooo long. hunks of bacon and a meaty rich sauce. not to mention at a perfectly set table, everything elegant and matching.

tabla bread bar-- have begun frequenting this place again after a long hiatus. the elegant experience without the prices of the upstairs restaurant. i am in love with their rosemary naan. also had a terrific chickpea soup with calamari on top.

breakfast bruschetta-- at noho star this morning, had toasted bruschetta bread with goat cheese, softly scrambled eggs and sundried tomato pieces, pesto and olive oil drizzled over the top. it was excellent!

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