Tuesday, April 05, 2005


sometimes it’s good for me to be derailed from my quest. often, especially when traveling, my quest is food. i headed off to LA with the names of a fish taco place in east LA, a thai place in los feliz and a korean bbq place in koreatown. i am here to report that i went to none of these places.

instead i saw two plays, including justine’s one woman show which moved me to tears, made me laugh til my belly ached, and taught me the history of her hometown, and consequently the history of her—things i had never even known i didn’t know.

i stayed up for 28 hours straight, and when was the last time—if ever—i have done that? i read my book (thanks amy) in the sun and bought myself a cool leather belt. i caught up with billy, soaked up the sun, drank iced latte after iced latte after iced latte. i saw c-list celebrities, slept head-to-toe with purva for three nights running. i ate carne asada tacos and a pina jarrito at an amazing dive on washington blvd near culver city. el pueblo viejo, or something like that.

i walked on the beach in santa monica, helped purva try to save a butterfly, then watched the sunset as the lil fella died. i pet puppies and hiked runyon canyon. i watched purva talk on the phone with her b.f., watched her smile with her whole self. i went to the korean baths with diane and purva, and got to be in the place that makes diane feel whole. i walked around naked and sweated and steamed and soaked, and had a strange woman loofah me for 30 minutes until my skin was soft soft soft. i ate tapas with greg, diane, justine and her man, and a gaggle of other cool and interesting people. i saw diane and greg’s new home, a beauty and a labor of love.

i ate avocado in the sunlight. man, that sentence alone is enough to make me smile.

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Billy Rosenfeld said...

Reading this, I can't stop making that sad smile mothers make when they read letters from their kids who are away at camp. It was SO goddamned good to have you out here, and so damned sad to not have you here any more. Your presence - the most present of presences, mind you - is sorely missed, and those ain't just pretty words which one feels obliged to say. Them's the truth.

I think I have to come out to NYC to do ADR for the Cho flick. AOK? I'll let you know, ASAP.

much love,