Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Keeping it Sweet

All day I write a blog for work that's full of politics, news, gloom, doom, etc. I'd like to vow to keep this one as a small, sweet spot of uncomplicated food goodness. My hope is that by writing that now, will make it so.

Speaking of sweet, I am sweet on sweetbreads. Now, the first time I finally tried them (at Tailor, a molecular gastronomic place on Broome) I thought I was eating brains, because despite my vast food knowledge, there's still--apparently--shit I don't know. They were breaded and fried and--as Stephanie on Top Chef declared last season--they tasted "like a really good chicken nugget."

Now, I am not a tripe eater, nor eyeballs, nor testicles, nor any of that crazy stuff. But after round 2 of sweetbreads, at Prune last Sunday night--I am a lover of the sweet goodness of sweetbreads. They are not brains; they are the thymus gland. I think.

They are tender, and in a subtle and wonderful sauce studded with capers. I actually fought my tablemates for the final bites, and I suggest you head over there and try 'em.

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CHE said...

Project Gutenberg today released a nice HTML version of "The Suffrage Cookbook" (1915), and this is listed as "Delicious Mexican Dish." I was expecting some frijoles y arroz, but:

Delicious Mexican Dish

Soak and scald a pair of sweetbreads, cut into small bits; take liquor from three dozen large oysters; add to sweetbreads with 3 tablespoons of gravy from the roast beef, and ¼ lb. of butter chopped and rolled in flour; cook until sweetbreads are tender; add oysters; cook 5 minutes; add ¾ cup of cream; serve with or without toast.