Saturday, February 26, 2005


a like to play a fun game called cheap vs. expensive.

for example: cheap underwear, expensive bras. or cheap eyebrow wax, expensive bikini wax. in life, it is important sometimes to spend more, because you will get more. also because, in some cases (bikini wax), the stakes are kind of high. with some other things, cheap will do you just fine.

today i went to broadway panhandler and bought some more silpat, because: cheap cookie pan, expensive silpat. is this making sense yet? it comes into play with food all the time. no need to get a fancy piece of pizza. really, the cheap stuff can be extraordinary. don't buy cheap oysters though. or so i have heard.

i welcome your examples (food related, or not) of cheap vs. expensive.


Pep said...

Expensive parmesan cheese
Cheap cheddar

You put the cheddar in an omelet, the eggs and whatnot hide a multitude of sins.

Somehow you put expensive parm onto speghettios and it is suddenly a taste sensation.

stellaforstar said...

oooh good one, pep!

Sam Grobart said...

Cheap hamburgers
Expensive sushi

I hate it when people get all swoony over "ground filet mignon" or even "ground sirloin" when talking about burgers (and don't even get me started on the short-rib/fois gras concoctions that came out of Dr. Moreau's kitchen). The fact is that cheaper cuts of beef (and in turn, cheaper hamburgers) taste better, as they are fattier, and (say it with me now) when you cut the fat, you cut the flavor. That's why the best hamburgers are made with ground chuck, round, or even better, ground hangar steak (hangar steak can be a little on the chewy side, but when you grind it you take texture out of the equation, and are left with nothing less than pure beefy goodness).

On the other hand, once you've had really expensive sushi (and I'm solely referring to legit, original-gangsta sushi, not some noveau jive-ass sushi that's got a balsamic reduction dripping over a braised salmon roll with some uni foam) from a place like Kuruma Zushi or Sushisay, it's hard to go back to the middling stuff that you order for lunch. Not that I don't -- I had the middling stuff today, in fact -- but on the rare occasions I've gone to a place like one of the aforementioned, I swear off less-than-amazing sushi for as long as I can.