Friday, February 18, 2005


the beginning is always the hardest part. whether it's starting a blog, starting a new job, starting a new relationship...presenting oneself is difficult, and new beginnings are somehow all about presentation. i have a bunch of new beginnings on the horizon, and i am trying hard not to be terrified.

my yoga instructor said the other day to "be on the lookout for change." on the one hand, i am always watching the sidewalk as i go, hoping to spot a shiny penny or dime (yoga classes are expensive). but this sort of literalism is precisely why i'll never be a yogi. on the other hand (the non-literal hand, that is) i need not be on the lookout for change, because change has my number. change has me by the balls. everything is about to change. because i will not sit idly by and let my life be unfulfilling or unchallenging or unexciting. so, let's change.

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