Saturday, August 01, 2009

Doing things a little bit weird

This summer I learned to ride a bike.  Most regular folks learn to do this in childhood and then spend their days as a youngster, tween, teen etc. tooling around the neighborhood on their hoopties, getting into trouble and feeling the freedom that comes with having their own set of wheels.

What was I waiting for?  It turns out that not only is it easy but it's crazy fun.  I remember I finally tried a mango when I was 21 years old and I couldn't stop kicking myself for waiting so long.  All those years of missed mango eating! Sheesh!

Here I am again, whooping it up on the bike and kicking myself at the same time. 34.5 missed years of bike riding! I might be the stupidest person I know. Or, I guess I just do things a little bit weird.

A BLT is a classic, but because I guess I like to do things a little weird, tonight I made something I'll call:

BLT in a bowl
  • Several varieties (different colors, shapes, sizes) of summer tomatoes
  • Fresh basil leaves
  • Bacon
  • Summer corn
  • oil
  • baslamic vinegar
  • salt
  • pepper
Cut up tomatoes and dress with oil, vinegar, salt and pepper
Cook the corn and scrape the kernels from the cob
Rinse and then chiffonade the basil leaves
Fry up thick cut bacon (or, like me, random bacon chunks left over from sliced bacon, sold by Flying Pigs Farm) and slice it up
Toss everything together
Eat with a spoon


Amy said...

Am I crazy to think that this BLT bowl filling would be a tasty breakfast over grits? Or that you could add some day old bread a la panzanella? Love it!

stellaforstar said...

You are not crazy; you are wise.

Katie said...

Oh my god that sounds amazing! And you made it in honor of my birthday too??!!