Friday, March 06, 2009


Sometimes I miss things so intensely, it's hard. It's such a basic human emotion, I realize, but it can be futile, especially if the person or place you're missing ain't ever coming back.

I miss Brooklyn.

But I work there! But I hang out there! But it still EXISTS! Can I still miss it? Well, I do.

Last night after work I headed deeper into Brooklyn with one of my favorite food buddies to Buttermilk Channel for a cocktail and some bacon nuts and other treats; then walked up to Black Mountain (a little gem) and sat by the fire eating truffle-y, mushroom-y mac and cheese and sipping red wine.

It was awesome, because how often do you get to scratch the missing itch like that?


Caroline said...

What a lovely way to express the feeling of missing something. I miss you!

Amy said...

Your post made me miss Brooklyn, bacon and you.

Eat It Brooklyn said...

Yes! Both of these places are so great (and I've written about both!). Makes life feel even more special. Yum!

Cupcake. said...

Brooklyn misses you too.