Thursday, December 11, 2008

what i'd like to get fat on

My grandmother got fat on Stella D'oro cookies. Pictures reveal that in her youth she was svelte and curvy, with a thick mane of black curls and fire engine red lips. Stilettos, too.

By the time we met, in 1974, she was more grandmotherly, a tough shell with a warmth and devotion bubbling beneath. She was suffering quietly from a broken heart--the death of my grandfather 10 years earlier--listening to classical music on the radio and dunking Stella D'oros in Taster's Choice coffee.

I respect this--the choice to hunker down with sweets and pack it on; after all, at age 70 have we not earned it?  But I will not be getting fat on Stella D'oros.  At a staff meeting the other day, my bosses plied us with various croissants from my local fave Almondine bakery.  As I nibbled on a chocolate almond one, I thought: this is what I'd like to get fat on.


April said...

This is great, Jerusha. You're a great writer! I want to get fat on pie -- all kinds of pie, but particularly meringue/cream pies. Throw in some fried chicken and devilled eggs if we're in a hurry! YUM!

Amy said...

You can never start eating anything Stella Doro...I have a theory that they put drugs in them like coke used to in the 1800's. The one time I bought a bag of stella doro "biscotti" I are the whole thing. They aren't good, so it must be drugs!

Anonymous said...

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