Wednesday, February 21, 2007

the single life

More and more I am coming to realize the best gifts are experiences--giving your loved one(s) an experience they couldn't have on their own. Sometimes that means taking someone to an out of the way restaurant, sometimes to your house in the country--providing them with respite from urban life. Sometimes it's taking your friend, a mother of two, out to dinner in the West Village, sans kids, but avec martinis.

Last Sunday, Laurie and I tried to eat at the Little Owl, but were boxed out by an eternal wait. We ended up instead at Blue Ribbon Bakery, where we accommodated her food allergies (though she missed out on their bread basket--a highlight of a meal there), and ate like kings. Marinated artichoke hearts, bone marrow, endive salad and duck confit. Everything was delicious, as it always is, and service was pleasant and generous. If I lived around the corner, I'd eat there a whole lot more.

And now, Laurie owes me an experience. She's got six months to cook something up. Tag, Laur, you're it.


Andrew Bauer said...

I have enjoyed the martinis, atmosphere, bread and friendship at Blue Ribbon very much. I think I have had the same waiter each time, and each time he has recommended the duck confit. It's delicious. The only downer to that place is that the desserts are totally unremarkable. Am I wrong about this? As far as the "sharing bread" vibe, I introduced my brother at "Angel's Share" in the East Village. He had done similar for me countless times, so I was glad I had something to contribute.

typingelbow said...

Receiving time and attention from someone who cares about me means more as I get older.It takes a good friend to give an experience gift like that.

caroline said...

What is this Little Owl you refer to? I haven't heard of it yet. EJ and I are going to try Little Giant in the LES next week - have you been there? Also, I've been meaning to tell you about EU in the EV, it's our new favorite place that I think you will really like. They have a sausage sandwich served on pretzel bread that is yum.