Wednesday, August 16, 2006


My very first blog entry, about a year and a half ago, was a call for change. Change has been slow for me, sometimes not deliberately so. But it makes it all the more fitting that my new job--finally--is at Slow Food.

Going to work each day feels oddly sinful. Sitting in a room with ten or so food-obsessed compatriots, thinking, talking, planning, writing, all of it in the service of a movement devoted to the preservation and enjoyment of food.

For more on this very cool new job of mine, check out the website

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typingelbow said...

i practiced slow food this weekend with john and his family. we spent no less than four hours at the dinner table, eating homemade Italian fare that included antipasta, lasagne, osso bucco and an extravagant display of pastries. all of that with wine, coffee and sparkling water... i was in heaven! any meal that requires you to do dishes twice so that you can finish the meal is a 10 in my book. maybe i can do a little more savoring in italy next week.