Thursday, May 03, 2012

Abrakebabra (or, food poisoning and the modern era)

A window into my life:

I emailed the following to my old, dear friend A. I figured he'd like to know since he was there with me when I ate the offending kebab, and since he then had to hang out/rehearse with me as I suffered the after effects:

I just tweeted this: "A tweet I just read abt kabobs reminded me that I once got food poisoning from a late night kebab shop outside Dublin called "Abrakebabra.""

And then get this:

Abrakebabra tweeted me back! Hahahahaha! I love social media.

They wrote:
@eathere2 Really?! Well that has ruined our day! :( #wehavechanged 

A wrote back:

Perhaps now you can tweet about how the Immodium stopped the diarrhea, but not the gas.  This led the to the "ohhhh I'm so bloated, if only I could fart" tech rehearsal.  Maybe Immodium will tweet back at you and say: "we have a new product line that stops the lighting but allows the thunder. :( #wehavechanged."